We are a company that manages, grows and invests in AI-centered products that can make people, companies and countries grow.



  • Supply chain and maintenance management
  • HR-Tech
  • Digital entertainment (AI-generated or delivered content)
  • Digital healthcare
  • Micro-robotics and swarm intelligence
  • Non-invasive neuro-interfaces
  • Fintech

We manage and source projects in key geographical areas - USA, UK, Singapore, Israel, UAE, and deploy them globally.

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Why do we invest

AI has the potential not only to disrupt but also to create new ways of living, working and researching.

Our critical mass in terms of financing, our in-house capabilities and our reach give us the clarity to understand where technology offers the best opportunities for disruption of usual processes, always with an eye in the global market and a clear focus on rapid market trial through MVPs.

How do we invest

Docet operates across different investment horizons, depending on the project.

We can go from seed investments until A-rounds, invest long-term in champions whose potential we believe in or companies in which we want to keep a participation. We can invest directly in the company’s capital or through convertible notes.

Cross-fertilization and know-how sharing can be boosted through the formation of project groups under one theme and group spin-offs, maximising value for both the projects and their investors.

We invest on our own or through syndication with mature market players.

How do we manage our investments

The company is managed by the Executive and Investment Committee, constituted by the partners under the leadership of the Managing Partner.

It relies on the support of an expert council of outside specialists for guidance and perspective.

The cross-company support is ensured by the Advisors and the Platform Management. The Advisors ensure scouting, analytics, investment and portfolio management, as well as the financial and juridical support.

The Platform Management offers operational support on 3 levels:

  • Product team: brought together for the launch of Docet TI’s own projects;
  • Cross-product team: a common team ensuring sales, marketing and PR capabilities supporting our own projects and the portfolio companies;
  • R&D Laboratory: Small experimental team for the research of possibilities of new technologies and application in new products. It supports the product teams and uncovers new orientations for existing and potential investments.

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Arkady Sandler
Managing Partner
Artur Oganov
Investment Director
José Pinto